4 Types of Track Accessories You Need

June 28, 2024
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As someone who manages a track and field venue, you know that proper care and maintenance should be one of your top priorities. The right accessories can help protect your track surface and extend its lifespan. Let’s discuss four must-have items to get from your trusted track surfacing company.

1. Protection for High Traffic Zones

Certain areas of your track see far more wear and tear than others. According to Rookie Road, a standard track is 400 meters around. That means high-traffic zones like the cross-over points at the 100m and 300m marks experience heavy usage during events. You’ll definitely want to protect these spots with specialty products such as the Cross-Over Zone Track Protector, Bench Zone Sideline Track Protector, and Third Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector. These covers shield the track surface from damage during meets and other events that may use your track. Be sure to rotate them regularly to spread out the impact over time.

2. Covers and Mats for Field Event Stations

In addition to the track itself, field event areas like the long jump, triple jump, javelin, and pole vault take a major toll. Make sure to outfit each station with the right protective accessories. For the long or triple jump, a Landing Zone Ballasted Pit Cover absorbs impact and preserves the track surface. The Sideline Protective Turf Mat offers similar shielding for javelin events. And for pole vault, invest in extra thick pads customized for that activity. The goal is to cushion blows and limit wear and tear across field event zones.

3. Shields for Vulnerable Sidelines

Don’t forget about the sidelines! Bench areas and coaching zones also deserve protection when not actively in use. The Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector and Huddle Zone Special Teams Mat are ideal for keeping these spaces covered and protected. Be sure to rotate them as needed to prevent concentrated damage in any one spot along the sidelines.

4. Preventative Protectors

It’s not just the track itself that needs care. You need to maintain equipment like goals as well. Goal Post Pads can shield uprights from general bumps and wear. As for equipment stored outdoors, the Tuffy Windscreen and Wind Weighted Baseball Tarps defend against harsh weather and UV damage. A proactive maintenance approach pays off.

With the right mix of accessories tailored to each zone, and help from a track surfacing company, you can keep your track and equipment in optimal shape for years to come. Reach out to your trusted track surfacing company for recommendations and quality protection products that get the job done right. Your venue relies on you, so rely on the experts. Call Fisher Tracks to get the supplies you need to care for your track.