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Cross-Over Zone® TRACK Protector
  • Protects costly track surfaces at team & traffic crossings
  • Cushions and resists cleats, shoes, equipment wheels
  • Rain drains through, but breathes to protect against mold

Tough geotextile fabric is edge vinyl-wrapped with steel chain inserted all around for ballast. Protector stays in place even in high winds without using stakes or staples that damage costly track surfaces. Lighter and easier to handle than rubber or wet carpet. Sizes 7.5’ or 15’ wide X 30’, 40’, and 50’. Black with Gold or White edging. Custom sizes and edging colors available.

Imprinting: Send artwork and dimensions for quotation. Imprinting can add up to 10 days to shipping after receipt of artwork and final artwork approval. Teams using include: Villanova, Yale, Washburn, Wagner, Indianapolis, Newberry, and hundreds of high schools.

Delivery: Stock items ship within approximately 7-10 business days. Custom items 2-4 weeks.

Cross-Over Zone Track Protector | Track Accessories
Item #DimensionsPricing
36677.5’ x 30’$746
36687.5’ x 40’$902
36697.5’ x 50’$1,050
366315’ x 30’$1,046
366415’ x 40’$1,254
366515’ x 50’$1,492
3698Custom sizes 800 SF Maximum$3.31/SF
Colors: Black with 3″ Gold or White vinyl border. $30.00 flat fee for different color border.
Bench Zone® Sideline TRACK Protector
  • Designed for Tracks around football and soccer fields
  • Protects modern Track surface in bench area
  • Resists and Cushions against cleats but rain drains through

Finally, there is a way to easily and smartly cover sideline bench areas. We take the toughest polypropylene geotextile fabric and add a double-stitched vinyl edging with steel chain inserted all around. This ballasting keeps the cover down in high winds without using stakes or staples that would harm your track. To reduce handling weight and for ease of installation, the longer pieces come in two sections that can be easily joined with Velcro® hook and loop strips that are double-stitched along the entire length of each section’s chain-free center edges. Edging is brightly colored to maximize visibility for those crossing the tarp. Black with Gold or White edging. The 75’ Sideline Track Protector comes in 1 piece. The 100’, 125’, and 150’ come in 2 sections.

Custom sizes and edging colors available for added cost.

Imprinting: Call for quotation. Imprinting may add up to 10 days to shipment after receipt and approval of artwork.

Also great to protect track in cheerleading, band, concession, and audience areas. Teams using include: NC State, Villanova, New Mexico, Moravian, Wittenberg.

Bench Zone Sideline Track Protector | Track Accessories
Item #DimensionsPricing
365115’ x 75’$1,965
365215’ x 100’$2,369
365315’ x 125’$2,711
365415’ x 150’$3,193
3658Custom Sizes$3.33/SF

Units are in two pieces that join at centerline with Velcro® fastening.

Colors: Black with 3″ Gold or White vinyl border. $60.00 flat fee for different color border.
Prices do not include shipping and are net all taxes.

Prices FOB: Branenton, FL
Shipping Charges can be quoted separately upon request.

3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone® TRACK Protector

EXCLUSIVE Third Generation Track Protector Provides A New Level of Durability, Portability, Color Choice, And Branding.

The 3G Track Protector infuses a more durable three-dimensional continuous nylon filament with our VIPOL Matrix material providing a better cushion than the current 2G track protector that won’t stick to the track. It is the next level in all-surface protection!

The 3G Track Protector’s unique design also:

  • Does Not Retain Water
  • Is Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Chain weighted ends and no brass grommets
  • Offers 23 different color covers with 17 different vinyl color edges
  • Chroma-Bond® Imprinting for team lettering, logos, and more
  • Less Expensive Than Our 2G Track Protector!
  • Standard 6′ and 12′ width and custom sizes available 
3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector | Track Accessories
3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector - Available colors: Border | Track Accessories
3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector - Available colors: Body | Track Accessories
Item #DimensionsPricing
66306’ x 30’$695
66406’ x 40’$898
66506’ x 50’$1,093
123012’ x 30’$1,233
124012’ x 40’$1,585
125012’ x 50’$1,923
1260CustomCall for quote
Landing Zone™ Ballasted PIT Cover
  • Galvanized steel chain in edge hem all around provides ballast to keep these covers in place even in high winds.
  • Made with the highest quality vinyl coated polyester materials, fully UV and mildew protected.
  • Easy to remove, fold for storage, and re-cover.
  • Custom-sized to fit each pit perfectly.
  • Multi-color imprinting available for team emblems, advertising, etc.
  • Available colors: Green, Red, Midnight Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Vegas Gold, Burnt Orange, Navy, Gold, Purple, Beige, Maroon, Grey, White, Black, Brown.

Made with our exclusive VIPOL® Matrix Material, Landing Zone™ Ballasted Pit Covers are tough beyond belief. Your sand stays in the pit, but rain, sun, and air penetrate the material, eliminating water pooling and mold. Stays down in high winds. 

Landing Zone Ballasted Pit Cover | Track Accessories
3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector - Available colors: Border | Track Accessories
3rd Generation Cross-Over Zone Track Protector - Available colors: Body | Track Accessories
Item #DimensionsPricing
3680No minimum size requirements$4.07/SF

Price does not include shipping.

Teams using include: University of Oklahoma and University of Texas (pictured)

Sideline Protective TURF Mat
Item #DimensionsPricing
361015′ x 50′ No Grommets$480
362015′ x 50′ With Grommets$673
361115′ x 75′ No Grommets$721
362115′ x 75′ With Grommets$975
361215′ x 100′ No Grommets$1,017
362215′ x 100′ With Grommets$1,215
361315′ x 125′ No Grommets$1,235
362315′ x 125′ With Grommets$1,513
361415′ x 150′ No Grommets$1,523
362415′ x 150′ With Grommets$1,791
3630Turf Stakes 6″ Package of 30$43
3632Turf Stakes 6″ Package of 115$99
Sideline Protective Turf Mat | Track Accessories
Sideline Protective Turf Mat | Track Accessories
Bench Zone® Sideline TURF Protector

Our exclusive VIPOL® Matrix Material lets air and sunlight get thru to turf, so it does not “smother” and compact grass like geotextiles can. Much lighter in weight & easier to install, remove, and store. Low profile edges are reinforced and double-stitched. Grommets every 18” all around. Standard color is Light Gray; other colors available. Standard Sizes: 15’ deep x lengths 75’, 100’, 125’, or 150’. Custom sizes, shapes, grommet spacing & striping available.

But rain, sports drinks, sweat, etc. drain thru and are not absorbed like in other mats that triple in weight and emit odors in storage.

Head Groundskeeper and Turf Manager feedback about their Bench Zone® Sideline Turf Protectors include: much lighter in weight, lower profile, good to grass, non-absorbent, easy to clean, no odors, attractive, tough as nails.

Bench Zone Sideline Track Protector | Track Accessories

Division 1 College and NFL Teams agree: THESE ARE THE BEST BENCH TARPS EVER MADE!

Item #DimensionsPricing
364015’ x 150’$2,852
364115’ x 125’$2,581
364215’ x 100′$2,303
364315’ x 75’$1,797
364415’ x 50’$1,444
3648Custom Sizes$1.43/SF
3630Stakes 6″ Packages of 30$43
3632 Stakes 6″ Package of 115$99

Quick Delivery

“Get Back Line” 8″ x 150′ $462 per line

NCAA teams using: Georgia, Central Florida, Maryland, Michigan State, Oklahoma*, Penn State, Purdue, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Virginia, + more.
NFL: Chargers*, Chiefs, Packers, Texans, + more.

All prices FOB: Brandenton, FL
Please don’t hesitate to call for a freight estimate

Huddle Zone™ Special Teams Mat

FEWER PENALTIES & LOST TIMEOUTS – Cleat-proof VIPOL® Matrix Material with steel chain in vinyl-wrapped edging. Just lay this wind-proof mat on turf or over bench tarp. 3” wide screened-on gold stripes on light grey fabric clearly marks a 3’ square for each special team player, plus wide front section for captain and coach.

Size: 9’ x 15’ Wt.: 46 lbs.


Huddle Zone Special Teams Mat | Track Accessories
Item #DescriptionPricing
36719′ x 15′ VIPOL® Matrix Material$701

Colors: Standard color is Light Grey with Gold Vinyl edging and Gold screened striping. For all other line and border colors, add $60.00 flat fee.
Additional colors include: Green, Royal Blue, Red, Beige, Navy, White, Maroon, Black, Purple, Orange, Burnt Orange.

Prices FOB: Branenton, FL

Goal Post Pads

Provides 6’ High Protection for players. Made of heavy duty 18oz. vinyl cover fabric filled with 4” thick high density urethane foam padding. Available with Hook-and-Loop closure designs. Two sizes for round posts: Up to 4.5”OD or up to 6.5” OD. One size for square posts: 5”-6”

Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Black, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Navy, Tan, Purple, Orange, Maroon, Grey, Columbia Blue, Yellow, White.
Imprinted Lettering is optional: Up to eight vertical 8” letters in colors: Black, White, Royal, Scarlet, Purple, Light Blue, Maroon, Orange, Dark Green, Grey, Yellow, Vegas Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold.

TD Zone Goal Post Pads | Track Accessories
Item #DescriptionPricing
PPHL4.5Post Pad W/Hook/Loop 4.5″ OD$419
PPHL6.5Post Pad HK/LP 5.5″-6.5″$521
PP60DPost Pad Up to 6″ Diameter$546
Tuffy® Windscreen

Tuffy® Windscreen offers the unmatched Durability of VIPOL® Matrix Material. Exclusively ours, this super tough fabric outperforms all other conventional windscreens because 50% more micro-fibers are woven into it. It’s more sun resistant, virtually tear-proof, and has the highest puncture resistance. Tuffy® is the only windscreen featuring LOCK STITCH finishing to assure that its sides and corners do not unravel, a problem with conventional windscreens. 

True 4-year factory warranty.

Official windscreen of the USPTA

Barbara Wynne Tennis Center, Bonita Bay Club, ClubMed – 2locations, Columbine Country Club, Evert Tennis Academy, Family Circle Tennis Center, Hunter’s Green Country Club, IMG-Bollettieri Tennis Academy, Jacksonville Golf & Country Club, L’Hirondelle Club, Langford Farms Country Club, Moraine Country Club, Naples Bath and Tennis, Oceanside Gold and Country Club, Ritz Carlton – Key Biscayne, Saddlebrook Resort, Savannah Yacht Club, Shaker Heights Country Club, Weston Tennis Center, City of Ft. Lauderdale, City of Largo, City of Sunrise, Dartmouth College, University of Memphis

Tuffy Windscreen - Arvada West | Track Accessories
Tuffy Windscreen - Lakewood Ranch | Track Accessories
Tuffy Windscreen - Memorial Hermann | Track Accessories
Item #DescriptionPricing

Imprinting Available

Custom Sizing Available

Available colors: Green, Red, Midnight Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Vegas Gold, Burnt Orange, Navy, Gold, Purple, Beige, Maroon, Grey, White, Black, Brown

Prices FOB: Branenton, FL

Wind Weighted® Baseball Tarps

Galvanized steel chain in its entire perimeter edge hem is precisely WIND-ENGINEERED to the correct ration of circumference ballast versus fabric weighting to KEEP WIND FROM GETTING UNDER AT ANY POINT. Field proven in winds exceeding 65 mph.

Thousands used by Little League, High School, College, Minor & Major League teams, INCLUDING: Arkansas, Ball State, Baylor, Brown, Cal-Berkeley, Cal Poly- SLO, Citadel, Costal Carolina, Columbia, Darmouth, Fordham, Florida, Hawaii, IL-Chicago, Indiana, Jacksonville, Kent State, Louisville, MI State, Minnesota, Navy, NM, NV-Reno, New Orleans, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Penn, OK, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Princeton, IN, Texas, Texas A&M, TX Christian, VMI, Wake Forest, Western KY, Xavier, Yale, NY METS.

SPECS: Fabric: Industrial grade 16 mil vinyl polyester with UV and mildew inhibitors added for outdoor durability.

Standard color is Forest Green. Custom colors available in Red, Royal Blue, Grey, White, Tan, Black, Orange, Maroon, Navy, and Yellow.

All Prices FOB: Bradenton, FL *Non-weighted tarps available. Call for pricing.

US Patent Nos.:  7270617, D516360, D552911, 7494433

Wind weighted Baseball Tarps | Track Accessories
Wind Weighted® Mound, Plate, & Bullpen Covers 
Item #DimensionsPricing
641818′ WW Mound Cover$827
642020′ WW Mound Cover$980
642626′ WW Plate Cover$1,430
643030′ WW Plate Cover$1,702
641212′ WW LL Mound – Base Cover$501
Wind Weighted® Base and Equipment Covers & Accessories
Item #DimensionsPricing
631010′ x 10′ WW Base Cover$425
6313Set of 3: 10′ x 10′ WW Base Cover$1,192
6399Custom WW TarpsCall for quote
Bunt Zone® Infield Protector-Trainer

Color Coded Target System in Quality Turf Protector. Teaches by visualization the correct placement of bunts-for-hit (Yellow) & sacrifice (Green). Red is where no bunt or hit-run should ever go.

Colors: Standard Color Combination is Yellow, Green, and Red.

All Prices FOB: Bradenton, FL

US Pantent Nos.: 7160213, D514644, 7534179

Buntzone Infield Protector-Trainer | Track Accessories
Minor Leaguer Style Bunt Zone® Infield Protector Trainer

Standard Bunt Zone® Protector has a yellow “Bunt-for-a-hit” zone up the third base line ONLY.

Item #SizePricing
3501Large Protector–20’ x 24’ x 64’$914
3502Medium Protector–15’ x 24’ x 54’$811
3503LL/Softball Protector–15’ x 18’ x 48’$688
Major League Style Bunt Zone® Infield Protector-Trainer

Major League Bunt Zone® Protector has a yellow “Bunt-for-a-hit” zone up BOTH first & third baselines.

Item #SizePricing
3511Large Protector–20’ x 24’ x 64’$992
3512Medium Protector–15’ x 24’ x 54’$869
3513LL/Softball Protector–15’ x 18’ x 48’$747
Miscellaneous Track Supplies
Item #Pricing
Track SignsCall for Pricing
Patch KitsCall for Pricing
BlowersCall for Pricing