Certified Track Builder

Why use a Certified Track Builder?

“The Certified Track Builder (CTB) program was developed by the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) to establish consistent, high-level, professional standards and to improve the practice of track construction.”

Candidates for certification must pass a comprehensive examination on track construction and maintenance, as well as fulfill a set of prescribed standards for experience that demonstrates a high level of knowledge in track construction.

The Principles of Certification for Track Builders:

ASBA Certified Track Builders on Staff

The certification is valid for three years and CTB’s may recertify either through re-examination or via continuing education points and eligibility attained through demonstrating relevant work over the previous three years. Continuing education points are earned through attending technical seminars, authoring papers, participating in research, and other ASBA related activities.

For more information on the CTB program and a list of current Certified Track Builders, visit www.sportsbuilders.org

Sam Fisher, Certified Track Builder | Jordan Fisher, Certified Track Builder | Darin Olofson, Certified Track Builder

Sam Fisher, Certified Track Builder
Jordan Fisher, Certified Track Builder
Darin Olofson, Certified Track Builder